Tree-Mount Winch Anchoring System
Tree-Mount Winch Anchoring System
Tree-Mount Winch Anchoring System
Tree-Mount Winch Anchoring System
Tree-Mount Winch Anchoring System
Tree-Mount Winch Anchoring System


Tree-Mount Winch Anchoring System

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This anchoring device is designed for easy installation by securely tightening the 10-foot-long belt using the ratchet mechanism.
The winch can then be effortlessly positioned at a comfortable working height by attaching its hooks to the square openings of the anchoring's swivel plate, ensuring automatic alignment with the load. It is suitable for use with trees or poles ranging from 12 inches to 36 inches in diameter and includes a durable 2-inch by 10-foot strap.

Compatible with the following winch models: PCW3000-Li, PCW3000, PCW4000, PCW5000, and PCW5000-HS.

For more information, please refer to the “Additional Information” tab, where you can find an informative video and the manual.

Find the manual here.

Material : Zinc plated steel
Weight : 8 lb
Dimensions : 19'' x 7'' x 6''


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Customer Reviews

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Chris Cowenhoven
Low budget

Ratchet teeth wear out from taking the load. Set up occasionally requires you to prop up the machine to avoid shutting off from being out of level. Basically need to wedge the machine up if you are winching up hill and it will do a number on your ratchet teeth.

William M.
Beefier than expected

We pull logs and slash all day every day in the steep hills of Colorado. This anchoring system helps keep your winch from bouncing all over the place. Use the webbing that comes with your winch first, then buy this and truly appreciate the difference. It’s much beefier than I was expecting too! Definitely won’t fail, 5 stars!

Supreme anchor system

I am into small scale timber salvage. This anchor system saves me time and saves my back. I can position or reposition the mount in minutes with very little effort compared to trying to line everything up with just a tree strap. I don't have to worry about getting the angle just right or the winch being pulled over on its side. This system totally complements a great winch and makes life good. No regrets buying this unit at all.

Mario Petrin

Envoie rapide et tel qu annoncé.

Paul Juhnke
Well-Designed Tree/Pole Anchor

The Portable Winch company Tree-Mount Winch Anchoring System works great. Easy to use, very strong, and holds the winch nicely - for easy access height and winch ease of use. Fits in the Off-Road Kit storage bag. Great stuff! Thanks!