Forestry Accessory Kit
Forestry Accessory Kit
Forestry Accessory Kit
Forestry Accessory Kit
Forestry Accessory Kit
Forestry Accessory Kit
Forestry Accessory Kit

Forestry Accessory Kit

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Complement your winch with the Forestry Solution that includes the accessories you need to achieve your forestry work efficiently and safely.

Warranty: 1 year

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Are you aware that there are more efficient methods to enhance your homeland forestry endeavors? Specialized tools have been crafted to simplify the life of loggers like you. Until now, you may not have realized the need for a solution. Our experts, strong of years of experience, have put together this forestry accessory kit to minimize headaches, back pain and far more serious injuries.

Indeed, extracting logs can be quite a challenge, which is precisely why the skidding cone was developed. This innovative tool facilitates the smooth movement of logs across various terrains by reducing ground friction and preventing them from digging in. When paired with your Portable Winch, there's virtually nothing you won't be able to accomplish! Experience the difference in your forestry work and optimize your efforts with the best tools designed for your success.

Meant to be used in combination with one of our Accessorized Winches

Forestry Accessories kit
  1. Skidding Cone (PCA-1290)
    - to effortlessly maneuver logs while safeguarding the forest floor
  2. 2.1 m (7 ft) choker chain with steel rod (PCA-1295)
    - to securely choke your logs for example without adding extra weight in your gear
  3. Grab Hook with Latch (PCA-1282)
    - to safely connect the choker and the carabiner at the end of your rope
  4. Single pulley (PCA-1274)
    - to get an extra one in your arsenal to multiply the power
    of your winch or deviate the pull angle
  5. 2 m (6 ½ ft) polyester sling (PCA-1260)
    - to attach the pulley to a tree for example
  6. Steel locking carabiner (PCA-1276)
    - to link the pulley to the sling

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kelly Mulheren
Awesome equipment and awesome videos

The winch and forestry kit are fantastic. So easy to use and a lifesaver for pulling firewood logs out of the woods. I enjoy telling my neighbors that the big yellow thingy is not the nose cone of a spaceship. It makes skidding logs so much easier and less damaging for the ground. And it makes stacking logs a snap. And the set of videos is fantastic. Portable Winch is a great company in every regard.

John Morey

A useful grouping of tools. The cone in particular helps make the best use of the available winch power.

Joseph Carey
Really like the winch

I am happy to say the Forestry Kit and Winch have worked out great for me. I recently purchased a sloping piece of land and have been able to pull firewood up to a yard area alone using the winch. Simple and easy to use. I am turning 68 next month and have no problems using the product.

Denis Lupole

It's works great best thing ever bought

Samuel Clark

Everything works exactly as advertised. We’re now moving logs safely and efficiently … and beyond that, it’s a lot of fun!