Hard Transport case for winches
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Portable Winch Pro series case
Hard Transport case for winches
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Hard Transport case for winches

You asked, and we listened! Introducing our new hard transport case designed for the PCW4000, PCW3000-Li, and PCW3000.

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The new hard transport case for most portable winch Pro-series models; PCW3000, PCW3000-Li, and PCW4000. Ingeniously designed to hold not just the winch but several accessories, making it more practical for you.

What sets it apart is the innovative cover, which opens fully and securely touches the surface, providing stability and eliminating the risk of damage. The top features grooves to easily install bungee cords across, keeping your winch secure in place during transport.

Crafted from sturdy yet lightweight plastic, this case offers top-notch protection without adding unnecessary bulk. Whether you're loading it into your vehicle or onto your ATV, it fits perfectly.

*Winch and accessories sold separately

PCA-0107 High performance polypropylene copolymer (PPC) 6.6 lb 23'' 16'' 14''

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rick H
Hard transport case

Well made and compact!

Tom Rios

I was using a cheap plastic box.this box is well made and my 3000 fits perfect with a little extra room. Durable enough to strap down on my side b6 side. THANK YOU !

Greg Perricone
PWC 4000 Worth Every Penny!

The Hard Transport Case for Winches sets the standard for transporting a premier tool! I was okay with the fabric bag, only having needed to replace the original should strap. I was wishing a hard case would become available and just like that... my wish was fulfilled! Thank you PWC for a durable case that not only fits my winch, but my chain, pulleys and slings!

Mark Lewis
Perfect Case for My PCW4000

I got a backpack case when I bought my PCW3000, and loved it. When the PCW4000 came out, I got one and got the transport bag. The bag is great, but I like a hard case better for protecting the winch. I preordered the hard transport case as soon as it was announced, and was delighted when it recently arrived. I've had it in the woods twice with the hard case, and really love it. It protects better from the rain and snow, and keeps other tools from banging into the winch. I won't do any tree work without having my portable winch along. It has been a lifesaver for getting hung trees to the ground safely, and I feel much better having my winch protected with the hard case. Thank you Portable Winch Company!

Richard Gauthier

Not good for my electric portable winch

Hi Richard,
Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. As noted in the description of the product, this case was specifically made only for our Trademark Portable Winches' from our Pro Series line only.
Just to clarify, when you say electric portable winch, do you mean our PCW3000-Li model? Or are you referring to our industrial series or another winch not from Portable Winch? If you are having issues with our PCW3000-Li please feel free to call us so we can help figure out the issue.
Thank you and have a wonderful day.
Britany - Portable Winch Customer Service Agent