Skidding Cone for Logs
Skidding cone forestry
Skidding Cone for Logs
Skidding Cone for Logs
Skidding Cone for Logs
Skidding Cone for Logs
Skidding Cone for Logs


Skidding Cone for Logs

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The skidding cone is an essential tool for small-scale timber harvesting activities. It prevents logs from getting stuck in roots, stumps and other obstacles. Its elliptical-shaped nose makes it robust and allows it to slide along residual trees, thus avoiding injuries during regeneration. Made of high-performance polymer plastic, it is lightweight, flexible and virtually unbreakable.

Its large opening can fit a trunk of 20'' in diameter, or several bundled stems. The friction on the ground is considerably reduced, which makes it possible to pull heavier loads. It can be used with a portable winch, behind an all-terrain vehicle, a snowmobile, a small tractor and even a horse, in any season, since it can withstand temperatures down to -22°F.

The cone is a must-have for pulling logs with a capstan winch! Use it with our chokers for best performances.

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Weight: 11 lb
Dimensions: 26'' x 25''
Diameter: 20''

Customer Reviews

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John Wood

Works perfect


The skid cone performs well and makes life easier when yarding logs to the deck. The one thing I might suggest to make it better is to add a couple of slots in it for straps to a person could put it on their back when hauling it back and forth and up and down log lots. It probably works great if you are using equipment to skid logs but when you are doing it all manually it is quite the cumbersome load to manage.

Neil Sandilands
Portable winch

Cone works great

Skidding cone

Love it, no more logs digging into the dirt. It is tough too, like the old Timex watches takes a licking and keeps on ticking

William M.
Pleasantly surprised

I ordered the skidding cone along with my pcw4000. Great set up! I was pleasantly surprised of the thickness of the plastic. Its thicker and more resilient to wear than I thought it’d be. Like plastic on a slide at the park, but not too heavy. Works well!