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Thank you for purchasing one or many portable capstan winches. Portable Winch Co. offers you ONE (1) EXTRA YEAR OF WARRANTY FOR FREE!

Please note that only winches registered BEFORE THE EXPIRATION DATE OF THE REGULAR WARRANTY are eligible for the extended warranty. Regular warranties change according to winch model.

- PCW3000: Commercial use: 1 year

- PCW3000-Li: Commercial use: 1 year

- 82W1 (PCW3000-Li): Commercial use: 1 year

- PCW4000: Commercial use: 1 year

- PCW5000: Commercial use: 1 year

- PCW5000-HS: Commercial use: 1 year

- PCH1000: Commercial use: 1 year

- PCH2000: Commercial use: 1 year

- PCT1800: Commercial use: 1 year

Please refer to the WARRANTY POLICY on this website to know more about the applicable warranty.

Registering your product allows us to better serve you and your dealer in the event that technical assistance or warranty reclamation is needed.

This information will be used for warranty verification only. We guarantee that the information provided will be used only by Portable Winch Co. We will not sell or make your information available to any other company for any reason.

Once the form is filled, you will receive an automated message that confirms the reception of your registration. Then, the customer service department will send you a second email to confirm your warranty(ies) registration(s) and all the details you need. It's important to print this second email and to keep it with your original(s) invoice(s) as they will be required to obtain warranty service. We try to answer requests within 24 hours but sorry, we don't work on weekends!

Please note that fields marked by an asterisk (*) are required and you can register up to ten (10) winches per form. If you have more than ten (10) winches to register, you have to complete more than one form.

Enter the following information to register your winch (winches) and click on SUBMIT.

Thank you