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History and values

Portable Winch Co. is proud to offer a stimulating, dynamic and safe working environment to its employees. Three (3) values are at the heart of our actions to help us become better indivuduals and a better company.


We love to hear and listen to our employees, our clients, our partners, our suppliers, the industry, the world. Effective communication starts with listening.


We understand that every task needs to be performed in a competent manner; this enables the process of providing the best products and the best service at a competitive price. 


At Portable Winch, we enjoy what we do! We choose our partners carefully: employees, customers, suppliers – even bankers! We believe that serious tasks can be accomplished in a cordial and stimulating manner.


Portable Winch Co. was founded in 2003.  The three owners, Pierre Roy, Christian Pelletier and Timothy Brown are issued from the forestry industry, and had collaborated for years before founding Portable WInch Co. The first portable winch (PCW5000) was designed to help their main customers' needs, the gentlemen forester.


The company launches the PCW5000 model. It is a technical and commercial success, and the first production year already witnesses the birth of international sales, with the participation in a major forestry fair in Germany and the first order from Vonblon in Austria, who will become the largest European importer.


Portable Winch Co. is intent on developing international markets, and sets up to participate in Elmia Wood - the world’s largest international forestry fair! The gamble pays off with the establishment of many new distributors in Europe and around the world.

The company is now profitable, and it can concentrate on the market development. 


Another major forestry fair in Europe brings a fresh arrival of new potential customers. Euroforest fair is the occasion to meet with our new Italian distributor, and to get the product awareness level up in France.  


2008 is a new era for Portable Winch Co. The company moves from a little office on King St East in Sherbrooke to a modern, brand new building in Sherbrooke's Fleurimont Industrial Park. It provides the right space to carry production and sales activities for its growing clientèle.

The team also expands to incorporate production, sales, marketing and R&D activities under one roof.

Portable Winch receives the awards for Most Outstanding Small Business and for Business of the Year from the Fleurimont Chamber of Commerce.


Dealers and distributors from around the world get together in Sherbrooke for five days of fun and training.

Industrial sales are becoming an important business segment. After introducing the PCH1000 lifting winch in 2008, customer requests lead to the introduction of the electric (AC) model PCT-1800.


The PCW5000-HS is introduced in response to customers who require less pulling force but increased line speed, such as for fibre optic cable pulling.


After a long design and testing process, the lightweight winch that hunters have been asking for is now available: the PCW3000 is available at dealers in more than 25 countries.

Portable Winch receives the award for Manufacturing Business of the Year from the Sherbrooke Regional Chamber of Commerce.


In order to sustain the spectacular evolution of its sales, Portable Winch Co. doubles the space of its building. And the marketing efforts continue with the participation in large trade fairs around the world.


In response to our major distributor’s request, Portable Winch introduces the 600MH –Portable Cable Layer for installing the wire that guides robotic lawnmowers.


Portable Winch co. expands into new markets the world over and has to become more efficient. The business implements an ERP software to manage the logistics of inventory,  production, orders and shipping.

Marketing efforts are initiated in South East Asia with two trade missions to Indonesia, and relationships with Japanese and Chinese importers are consolidated.


Two new winch models are produced for the industrial market: the PCH2000 - a heavy-duty winch for tower  and electrical infrastructure work, and the PCW5000-AIR, a pneumatic version with an explosion-proof motor (ATEX) for environments such as oil platforms and mines.

A representative office opens in Jakarta with the aim of developing sales in South-East Asia.
A new era of growth is starting with strong focus on sales and the addition of key personnel.
With 8 winch models and sales in 37 countries, the whole team is contemplating a bright future at Portable Winch! 

Pierre et Christian