How do you intend to carry your winch?

You will invest in a Winch Portable winch, which will be your ally for years to come. How to carry, but also protect your winch? At Portable Winch, we thought about it.

As a hunter, you may need to carry your PCW3000 for long distances by foot, on an ATV (QUAD) or in the back of your pick-up truck. That's why we created a molded high-performance polymer plastic TRANSPORT CASE (PCA-0102) that is both lightweight and rugged. It is also equipped with straps to easily attach to your vehicle.

 The PCA-0102 is large enough to store your accessories (slings, pulleys and carabiners), but it can also be fastened to the MOLDED BACKPACK (PCA-0104) when the time comes to go where you shot your game. The backpack is ergonomic and very comfortable thanks to its padded shoulder straps and belt. Straps are also provided to attach a ROPE BAG (PCA-0103) with a capacity of 50 m of 10 mm rope. Here is what this set looks like:

A more versatile option is to pair the XXL TRANSPORT BAG (PCA-0105) with the MOLDED BACKPACK (PCA-0104) as shown in the figure below.


Click here to see the complete listing of the proposed equipment. (PDF)

The team also suggests that you view our information capsule on transportation systems to learn how to properly place and protect your equipment!


Be well equipped for your next hunting trip!

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