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Double braided polyester rope - 12 MM X 150 M PCA-1214M


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Double braided polyester rope (DBP): It features double braid construction for durability and low-stretch properties for safety. Mehr Details
12 mm 1/2''
150 m 492'
19.3 kg 42.5 lb
Mindestbruchkraft (MBS)
3,300 kg 7,275 lb

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Pour de meilleures performances, utilisez toujours les cordes Portable Winch Co. avec votre treuil.

Corde de polyester double tresse (PDT) : Sa construction double tresse en fait une corde durable et à faible élasticité pour plus de sécurité. Son faible coût et sa résistance à l’abrasion en font un bon choix pour utiliser avec nos treuils cabestans où elle est soumise à la friction et à la chaleur intense.

Idéale pour utiliser avec un treuil portable PCW5000 ou PCW5000-HS.


Minimale Bruchfestigkeit (metrisch) : 3,300 kg
Minimale Bruchfestigkeit (Britisch) : 7,275 lb
Material : Double braided polyester
Gewicht und Abmessungen
Gewicht (metrisch) : 19.3 kg
Gewicht (Britisch) : 42.5 lb
Länge (metrisch) : 150 m
Länge (Britisch) : 492'
Durchmesser (metrisch) : 12 mm
Durchmesser (Britisch) : 1/2''
Andere : 3 Monate
Zusätzliche Information
Zusätzliche Informationen : Stretch only 12% at break point. The Minimum Breaking Strength is observed during a destructive test. You should divide it by an appropriate safety factor.
Zusatzinformationen : For pulling, the usual rope end is a bowline knot. It will always remain easy to undo in the case you want to change the hook at the end of the rope.


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« I bought the PCW3000 2-1/2 years ago for our remote cottage, knowing that I would need it. This weekend (September 2018) we used it. We had a tree blown down and hung up on other trees. It was still attached to the stump. It was dangerously close to a small outbuilding. The winch allowed me to pull the tree off the others and away from the building easily and from a safe distance. We were then able to drag it out and cut it up. I couldn’t be more pleased! »

Peter Jacobs, Toronto, Canada

« We had a great day getting a moose out of super hard to reach spot. It "only" took us 8 hours... But without the Portable Winch we would have got to the cabin totally wasted. Thanks to your great product! »

Martin Bourque, North Eastern, Canada

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