In September, the small works take place to get prepared for winter. Many of you must put their boat away and take their dock out of the water.

PORTABLE WINCH offers THE solution!

What's better than a PCW3000 along with a winch anchoring system for trees and posts (PCA-1269). Featuring a 3 m (10') belt, your winch will be firmly installed to your tree or post. The installation is done in a few simple steps:

  1. Place the anchoring system at the base of the tree;
  2. Insert the belt into the ratchet system and slide the PCA-1269 to the desired work height;
  3. Tighten the belt with the ratchet handle;
  4. Insert the red hooks of the winch PCW3000 into the square openings of the anchoring system;
  5. Pull!

Furthermore, the winch PCW3000 automatically aligns with the load as the anchoring system is equipped with a swivel plate. This way, the anchor adapts to the load position without you having to move it. Clever, isn’t it?

We invite you to watch the video here below so that this year, the storage of your boat or dock will be even easier than the year before :


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