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Gas-Powered Pulling/Lifting Winch GX160 PCH2000

Applications : Industrial
3,395.00 $

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Performance.  Powered by a 160 cc Honda GX series engine, the PCH2000 features an unprecedented pulling power of 1,150 kg and a lifting capacity of 450 kg in a single line. Of course, a block and tackle system will allow you to increase its capacity!

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1150 kg 2530 lb
Rated Lift. Cap.
450 kg 990 lb
34,5 kg 76 lb
20 m/min 66'/min
Honda GX160 cc


The Almighty.

The PCH2000 is the most powerful winch available; performing the most demanding tasks smoothly.


The PCH2000 has a capstan drum that allows to maintain a constant force, over an unlimited length of rope, at a speed of 20 metres per minute. It is also the first model to offer a 108-mm anodized drum. By oversizing the drum, the friction surface expands, and it results in better load control. Through anodic oxidation treatment, the PCH2000’s drum features better wear resistance and does not increase the rope’s conductivity. These attributes make it ideal for its assignment to tasks around and on electrical structures!

Developed for lifting, the PCH series benefits from its own unique clutch and rope grabbing system. Once the rope is inserted into the grabbing system, the operator activates the clutch and initiates the movement by pulling the rope horizontally. At any time, the operator can decide to stop lifting and hold the load in mid-air. It is also
possible to pull on the handle of the cord attached to the grabbing system to disengage it and lower the load, while controlling the main rope in the descent.


Powered by a 160 cc Honda GX series engine, the PCH2000 features an unprecedented pulling power of 1,150 kg and a lifting capacity of 450 kg in a single line. Of course, a block and tackle system will allow you to increase its capacity!


Rated Lifting Capacity With Standard Drum (metric) : 450 kg
Rated Lifting Capacity With Standard Drum (imperial) : 990 lb
Maximum Pulling Force With Standard Drum (metric) : 1150 kg
Maximum Pulling Force With Standard Drum (imperial) : 2530 lb
108 mm drum : 20 m/min
108 mm drum : 66'/min
Length : Unlimited
Lifting : Low stretch double braided polyester (not included) - Eye splice and thimble strongly recommended for lifting operations
Minimum diameter (metric) : 12 mm
Minimum diameter (imperial) : 1/2"
Maximum Diameter (metric) : 13 mm
Maximum Diameter (imperial) : 1/2"
Ideal diameter (metric) : 12 mm
Ideal diameter (imperial) : 1/2"
Rope Grabbing System : Included (can be disengaged)
Engine/Motor & Gear box
Engine/Motor : Honda GX160 cc
Clutch : Centrifugal
Gear Box and Gears : Aluminium alloy gear box. Heat treated 3 stage spur gears. Shafts mounted on ball bearings. Oil bath lubrication.
Gear Ratio : 53:1
Brake : Unidirectional double bearing
Work Cycle : Continuous
Capstan drums
Standard : 108 mm
Optional : N/A
Weight & Dimensions
Weight (metric) : 34,5 kg
Weight (imperial) : 76 lb
Length (metric) : 48,3 cm
Length (imperial) : 19''
Width (metric) : 37,1 cm
Width (imperial) : 14-5/8''
Height (metric) : 36,1 cm
Height (imperial) : 14-1/4''
Included : Polyester sling 60 mm x 2 m (PCA-1260)
Private Use : 2 years
Commercial Use : 1 year
Engine/Motor : Honda International Warranty
Certification : CE and M3 (ISO) Lifting
Additional information
Additional Information : Register your winch at and get 1 EXTRA YEAR of warranty for FREE !



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« I liked the fact that the winch is built in Canada. »

Martin Timmons, Upper Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Ken Rubesh, Portland, Oregon, USA

« Great product: pulled an elk one third of a mile with ease. »

Shawn Cles, Maple Valley, Washington, USA

« I have tried to use this winch, this is a good product, it makes me convenient on my work. »

Hau Edmond, Hong Kong

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Kevin Cassidy, Durham, Maine, USA

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Jacques Monfette, Peace River, Alberta, Canada

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Edward Kilmartin, Twain Harte, California, USA

« Love my winch. Use it to pull poly docks out of the water. Just great! »

Tim Ruggerio , Hadley, New York, USA

« We have used the winch for a few weeks now and are very impressed with how it is able to pull out the wood for us. It is a great solution for a wood lot with no access for traditional equipment. »

Paul Begin, Victoria Harbour, Ontario, Canada

« Speed of 26’ per minute (8 m/min) was a key consideration, and not having to "reverse" feed the wire back out. »

Kenneth Hixson, Novi, Michigan, USA

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