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Applications : Forestry, Industrial, Other
299.00 $

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Winch anchor system for trees and poles with 3 m (10') strap. More details
7.2 kg 15.8 lb
Steel with high-resistance paint


This anchoring system makes it possible to securely mount the winch to a tree or pole, allowing you to work at a more comfortable height and thus facilitate prolonged use from a fixed point. It is the basis of different combinations of accessories. It has four rubber pads that prevent it from slipping on the pole and protect the bark of trees. Included is a 3-metre sling and a ratchet system with key to securely anchor it.

It can not be used alone; it must be combined with other accessories.

Refer to the chart of anchorages for winches (pdf) at the bottom of this page to visualize the combinations of accessories that can be done with the PCA-1263.

Thus, this anchoring system is intended to be combined with the following accessories for horizontal pulling. In such case, the winch will face the load and the rope will be in a direct line towards the winch.

    Fig. 3   
  PCA-1263 + PCA-1268
    Fig. 4   
  PCA-1263 + PCA-1332 + PCA-1264
    Fig. 5   
  PCA-1263 + PCA-1332 + PCA-2264   

If combined with the following accessories, it will be used for vertical pulling. In these cases, the winch will face the anchor point and the rope will come from the top to the winch.

    Fig. 6      PCA-1263 + PCA-1264    
    Fig. 7      PCA-1263 + PCA-2264   

FOR WINCHES: PCW3000, PCW3000-Li, PCW5000, PCW5000-HS, PCH1000, PCH2000, PCT1800


Material : Steel with high-resistance paint
Weight & Dimensions
Weight (metric) : 7.2 kg
Weight (imperial) : 15.8 lb
Length (metric) : 37 cm
Length (imperial) : 14-1/2"
Width (metric) : 26 cm
Width (imperial) : 10-1/4"
Height (metric) : 22 cm
Height (imperial) : 8-5/8"
Other : 1 year
Additional information
Additional Information : Comes with a 3 m (118-1/8'') strap and an hex key for the ratchet system.
Additional Information : Tree or pole diameter: from 30 cm to 91 cm (12'' to 36'').



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« I liked the fact that the winch is built in Canada. »

Martin Timmons, Upper Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada

« Flexibility for multiple uses. »

Ken Rubesh, Portland, Oregon, USA

« Great product: pulled an elk one third of a mile with ease. »

Shawn Cles, Maple Valley, Washington, USA

« I have tried to use this winch, this is a good product, it makes me convenient on my work. »

Hau Edmond, Hong Kong

« I own a PCW5000 and wanted a lighter model for hunting. That is why I also bought the PCW3000! Very happy with your products. »

Kevin Cassidy, Durham, Maine, USA

« I purchased this because of a hunting experience and its portability. »

Jacques Monfette, Peace River, Alberta, Canada

« I needed a remote winch. Thanks. »

Edward Kilmartin, Twain Harte, California, USA

« Love my winch. Use it to pull poly docks out of the water. Just great! »

Tim Ruggerio , Hadley, New York, USA

« We have used the winch for a few weeks now and are very impressed with how it is able to pull out the wood for us. It is a great solution for a wood lot with no access for traditional equipment. »

Paul Begin, Victoria Harbour, Ontario, Canada

« Speed of 26’ per minute (8 m/min) was a key consideration, and not having to "reverse" feed the wire back out. »

Kenneth Hixson, Novi, Michigan, USA

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