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It features two sheaves and a brake cam system which allows the rope to go through freely in one direction and blocks it in the other direction. More details
62 mm 2-7/16''
Minimum breaking strength (MBS)
40 kN (4,079 kg) 40 kN (8,992 lb)
Working load limit (WLL)
900 g 2 lb


The ISC brand specialized pulleys are made of aluminium and are therefore lighter. The PCA-1272 has a diameter of 62 mm and a Minimum Breaking Strength of 40 kN.

This is one of our two models of self-locking pulleys available for users seeking to hold a load in position. These are also popular in lifting. They are also very useful in forestry, hunting or for industrial applications.

It features a cam brake system that allows the rope to pass freely in one direction and is blocked in the other. The cam is held by a spring and can be disengaged by pulling a cord.

This aluminium pulley is mounted on a stainless steel shaft and a self-lubricating bearing. The swing side plates are also made of anodized aluminium.

Self-locking pulleys can also be used as standard pulleys; simply block the cam in the open position using the pin provided.




Minimum Breaking Load (metric) : 40 kN (4,079 kg)
Minimum Breaking Load (imperial) : 40 kN (8,992 lb)
Working Load Limit (metric) : N/A
Working Load Limit (imperial) : N/A
Material : Aluminium
Certification : CE
Weight & Dimensions
Weight (metric) : 900 g
Weight (imperial) : 2 lb
Diameter (metric) : 62 mm
Diameter (imperial) : 2-7/16''
Length (metric) : 220 mm
Length (imperial) : 8-11/16''
Width (metric) : 85 mm
Width (imperial) : 3-3/8''
Height (metric) : 65 mm
Height (imperial) : 2-1/2''
Minimum Diameter (metric) : 10 mm
Minimum Diameter (imperial) : 3/8"
Maximum Diameter (metric) : 13 mm
Maximum Diameter (imperial) : 1/2''
Other : 1 year
Additional information
Additional Information : Not designed for steel cable.
Additional Information : Brand: ISC



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« I liked the fact that the winch is built in Canada. »

Martin Timmons, Upper Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada

« Flexibility for multiple uses. »

Ken Rubesh, Portland, Oregon, USA

« Great product: pulled an elk one third of a mile with ease. »

Shawn Cles, Maple Valley, Washington, USA

« I have tried to use this winch, this is a good product, it makes me convenient on my work. »

Hau Edmond, Hong Kong

« I own a PCW5000 and wanted a lighter model for hunting. That is why I also bought the PCW3000! Very happy with your products. »

Kevin Cassidy, Durham, Maine, USA

« I purchased this because of a hunting experience and its portability. »

Jacques Monfette, Peace River, Alberta, Canada

« I needed a remote winch. Thanks. »

Edward Kilmartin, Twain Harte, California, USA

« Love my winch. Use it to pull poly docks out of the water. Just great! »

Tim Ruggerio , Hadley, New York, USA

« We have used the winch for a few weeks now and are very impressed with how it is able to pull out the wood for us. It is a great solution for a wood lot with no access for traditional equipment. »

Paul Begin, Victoria Harbour, Ontario, Canada

« Speed of 26’ per minute (8 m/min) was a key consideration, and not having to "reverse" feed the wire back out. »

Kenneth Hixson, Novi, Michigan, USA

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