Recently, Portable Winch experts have been working on simplifying the kit creation process to meet your needs.

Thus, our team has developed an online interactive tool allowing you to create your kit tailored to your needs simply by answering 4 short questions!

To use the tool, simply click on the button named "BUILD YOUR KIT" on our website.

Direct link:


Once in the tool you can start the questionnaire. A first question appears. Once answered, go to the next question by clicking on "NEXT":

In total, 4 questions are displayed. At any time you can go back and edit your answers. After the 4th question, click on "SEE RESULTS":

Then discover what our experts recommend!

You will find:

  •  A picture of the product with its name and item number
  •  A short description
  •  The suggested retail price *
  •  The suggested quantity in your kit
  •  The total cost of the kit *

 Applicable taxes not included.


Other accessories suggested by the experts will also be listed.

Of course this list is only a suggestion, you can, at any time, add and delete articles to your list by clicking on the symbols "+" and "-".

Note that a summary of your responses will also be displayed. You can modify each of its answers as needed. You can even resume the complete questionnaire if you wish!


Finally, receive your list by email by clicking on "RECEIVE MY CHOICES BY EMAIL":


You can print the list or keep it on your mobile device for easy viewing at your favorite dealer.

Portable Winch dealers can provide you with all the elements. You will also be able to review the list with them if needed. They are able to answer all your questions.

Go ahead, try it now and create your Portable Winch Dream Kit!

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