Are you interested in directional felling? The PCW5000 Portable Winch will be your greatest ally!

You know there are several situations where it is preferable to secure a tree and direct it during felling:

• Trees leaning to the wrong side
• Trees with an unbalanced top 
• Hung-up trees


1) Install the winch in a safe-zone away from the fall line.

2) Install a self-locking pulley at the base of a tree in the fall direction.

3) Attach the end of the rope as high as possible to the tree being felled (Figure 2a). Remember that the distance (D) between the attachment point and the felling cut acts as a lever.

4) If the tree is leaning significantly, you can connect a pulley to the tree with a sling and attach the end of the rope to the self-locking pulley or to another tree. Thus you can double the force exerted (Figure 2b).

5) Here is the felling method:

             a. Cut the directional notch in the normal fashion.

             b. Start the winch and apply tension to the tree until the engine stalls. The self-locking pulley will maintain the tension                     while the felling is carried out.

            c. Perform the felling cut normally and secure the tree with wedges.

6) Start the winch and tilt the tree by pulling on the rope.

These instructions are not a directional felling course but rather a technique for using the winch. If you are not skilled in felling, please contact a professional.

In addition to the PCW5000 winch, here's what the experts at Portable Winch suggest as accessories to do directional felling:

*Note this technique can also be done with the PCW3000 winch.

Here are 2 diagrams illustrating different scenarios:


See images of the directional felling. Click here to watch our video!


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