Portable Winch offers you an indispensable tool for your wood harvesting operations in the forest: the SKIDDING CONE. This prevents the logs from poking into the ground, which reduces friction and therefore effort when pulling. The friction on the ground being reduced considerably, it makes it possible to carry more imposing loads. It also has edges that prevent trunks from rolling during winching.

Made of high-performance plastic, it is lightweight, flexible and virtually unbreakable. Its elliptical-shaped nose gives it solid strength and allows it to slide along residual trees, thus avoiding injury to regeneration. Its large opening can receive a trunk 50 cm in diameter (20''), or several small rods grouped with a CHOKER CHAIN.

In sum, the SKIDDING CONE prevents the logs from getting stuck in the roots, stumps and other obstacles. It can be used behind an all-terrain vehicle, a snowmobile, a small tractor and even a horse in any season as it can withstand temperatures down to -30°C (-22°F).

It is obviously suitable for logging with a CAPSTAN WINCH!

You will also find the SKIDDING CONE in the PCA-1006, PCA-1290-K and PCW5000-FK forestry KITS. Do not hesitate to bring this tool to reduce your workload now!

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