Mr. Demers is one of the first to own a Portable Winch. He bought his portable winch (model PCW5000) in 2004, when the company was just getting started. Recently, he visited the head office and was glad to tell us how he uses and loves the winch; it runs just like the first day I got it!

« I use my winch regularly and even after all this time, it still works well; always efficient and reliable. I like to compare it to horses! It’s not complicated; we can pull whatever we want with this winch.


I use it on my woodlot, for hunting or to pull out my 4x4. The winch is always behind me, on my 4x4. So, I’m ready for any situation!


When I cut wood on my woodlot, I prefer to work with my winch instead of my 4x4. I think the winch is safer, especially when trees fall on each other. With the power of the winch, I can pull out the logs at full length (I only remove the branches for a better slide) and I pull them up to my loader, which is on the main road.


Every hunting season, my partners count on me… and on my winch! With the winch, we don’t have difficulty pulling the moose out of the woods. And we pull it in one piece! We don’t even need a pulley; the winch is strong enough to pull it in single line! With a good length of rope, we pull the moose directly into the trailer!


Year after year, the people who see me work with the winch are always impressed of its strength and versatility. It’s a powerful, safe and an easy to use tool. With a Honda engine, you can’t go wrong. Whether it's in intense cold or heat, the engine will start!

I definitely recommend this winch! »


André Demers 
Quebec, Canadaandre demers