Zone 11. The Reserve in Rimouski, Moose-Dear Hunting combined from October 24th till the 29th, 2012.

We entered the 24th but weren’t allowed to hunt before the 25th.

Its early morning, on the October 25th.
One of the members heads off on his own and the 3 others (including me) move on a little further. Getting out of the truck, we here shots fired…a few seconds later, we get confirmation via the walkie-talkie that it’s all over. Barely 20 minutes of ‘’hunting’’!
The moose marked its presence with a snort of his nostrils. Our partner Gilles shot him at about 50 yards. The moose fell at about 100 yards from the road.

Now comes time to recover it.

One member of the group had a trailer carrying his ATV and another small tandem trailer designed to carry the moose out of the woods… but I had the winch (PCW5000) in the truck! Since the moose was about 100 yards from the road and I had enough rope, we anchored the winch to the hitch. Not even 10 to 15 minutes and the moose is loaded! My colleagues couldn’t believe the strength of the winch, thought they should purchase one for themselves!

I was forgetting to mention how useful the winch is for felling trees and directing the fall to the ground without breaking other trees. I climb a ladder and attach the rope as high as possible by using a pulley, I attach the rope to where I want it to fall, and them I attach the winch to another tree so I don’t receive it on the head. Anyway you know more than I, as shown in your videos. Then, the winch drags the logs in the snow to the trailer.

Pierre Mc Murray, Canadareserve rimouski- pierre mc murray