You still have some small jobs to do on your field? Or you are preparing yourself for the hunting season?

Here we explain how easy it is to double your pulling force with Portable Winch’s pulleys. Heavy loads that are hard to pull out are now part of the past; you will never be caught off again!

How to create a mechanical advantage

The use of pulleys offers a mechanical advantage by de-multiplying the force required to move a mass. In order to gain a mechanical advantage, at least one pulley must be attached to the load.


How to double the pulling capacity

 Let’s look at a simple case of block and tackle systems for pulling an object. In the figure below, a pulley is attached to the load and the end of the rope is attached to the winch’s anchoring point. There are two rope lengths, each applying a pulling force of 1,000 kg. The mechanical advantage is x2.

For example, a force of 1,000 kg applied by a PCW5000 will move a 2,000 kg load.

If you handle pulleys correctly, nothing can stop you!

Here are the suggested ''recipes'' of required accessories to double the pulling power according to your winch model.

PCW3000 :                                                              PCW5000 :                                                          PCW5000-HS :

1x Winch with sling                                                1x Winch with sling                                         1x Winch with sling

1x Rope                                                                     1x Rope                                                               1x Rope

1x PCA-1275                                                           1x PCA-1274                                                      1x PCA-1274

2x PCA-1276                                                            2x PCA-1276                                                      2x PCA-1276

1x PCA-1258 ou 1259 ou 1260                          1x PCA-1258 ou 1259 ou 1260                    1x PCA-1258 ou 1259 ou 1260