Here are the many advantages of our Portable Capstan Winches:

Portable Winch


There is no fixed link to a vehicle; therefore you can take the winch anywhere. Tether it to any solid object: a tree, a post, a rock or even to the ball hitch of your vehicle with the included polyester sling or one of our many anchoring accessories.

Portable Winch

Powerful - Up to 2000 kg (4400 lb) of pulling power

The PCW5000 Portable WinchTM will pull 1000 kg (2200 lb) single line. If you need to pull extremely heavy loads, you can use pulleys to create a block and tackle system. With two (2) double pulleys, you'll be able to reach an amazing 4000 kg (8800 lb) of pulling capacity! See our Tips and helpful advice section to find out more! 

Portable Winch

Lightweight - The PCW5000 weighs only 16 kg (35 lb)

Due to their light weights, you will be able to bring your winch wherever you need it. Simply carry it with the polyester sling around your shoulder or in one of the optional carrying case. You never know when it might come in handy!

Portable Winch

Fast - Our fastest winch, the PCW5000-HS will pull at a speed up to 36 m / minute (120' / min.)

With the PCW5000 Portable Capstan WinchTM, you also get your work done quickly, at the speed you choose. At the maximum pull rate of 1000 kg (2200 lb), your winching speed will be approximately 7.5 m/min (25 feet/minute). If you pull a 682 kg (1500 lb) load, you will be winching at a speed close to 12 m/min (40 feet/minute). You can also adjust the throttle on the HondaTM engine, to regulate speed and power.


Add extra speed! For applications requiring a lower pull rate and higher speed, the 85 mm (3-3/8'') capstan drum will bring max speed to about 18 m/min (60 feet/minute), and lower the maximum load pull to about 635 kg (1400 lb).

You could also choose the PCW5000-HS high-speed version. For applications such as pulling wire through conduits, fiber optic, skidding small logs or hauling game, etc. you can take advantage of this unique winch that offers a top speed of 36 m/min (120 feet'/min)! 

Portable Winch

Anchors to anything – trees, tree stumps, vehicles, posts with a quick attach 

To anchor your Portable WinchTM, simply hook the heavy-duty sling to the safety hooks at the rear of the winch. If you plan to anchor it to your vehicle’s ball hitch, order either the optional hitch plate which slides onto the ball’s neck or the winch support plate that will fit into a 50 mm (2'') hitch. Two Portable WinchTM exclusive features.

Portable Winch

True power

The rope does not accumulate on the Portable WinchTM drum, it only goes through it. On a standard winch, the diameter of the drum increases as the rope accumulates. Since the winch’s power is in direct relation with the drum size, it is not unusual for a standard winch to lose 50% of its power (sometimes even more!) when the drum is near capacity. And because most winches are rated for 1st layer pulling, a winch rated at 909 kg (2000 lb) will only deliver 454 kg (1000 lb) (or less) when the drum is full. Our Portable Capstan Winches deliver their full pulling power anytime, all the time. 

Portable Winch

Continuous usage – 100% duty cycle vs. 20% duty cycle of electric winches

When using an electric winch, it is recommended that you pull during 1 minute maximum and then let it cool down for 4 minutes or damage can occur to the motor winding. Therefore, if you are pulling at a speed of 6 m/min (20 feet per minute), pulling a log that is at a 100 feet distance 30.5 m (100 feet) will take you 25 minutes with an electric winch. With our Portable WinchTM, you don’t have to stop to let it rest. It’s built to work full time, all day long. So the same log will come in 2-1/2 minutes… Something to think about…

Portable Winch

Unlimited rope length

One of the biggest advantages of our system is there is no limit to the rope length you can use. Whether you need 5 m (15') or 200 m (600'), you can use as much rope as your job requires with our Portable Winches. A standard drum winch will have a fixed wire rope length (usually 22 m (75’) for electric winches) which is dictated by how much rope the drum will hold.

Portable Winch

Easy to use

Our Portable Capstan Winches are so easy to use that you will be a 'pro' in just a few minutes... Simply attach the winch to an anchor point, do 3 or 4 wraps of rope on the drum, start the winch and pull. The capstan drum does not accumulate rope on it. It uses friction from these 3 or 4 wraps of rope around the rotating drum to bring up the load. You can control precisely the winching speed by varying the pressure you apply to the free end of the rope.


Portable Winch

Safe – No kinks, pig tails, barbs on rope or whiplash

The Portable WinchTM uses a low-stretch synthetic rope. The rope is lightweight, inexpensive and is available in different lengths. If the rope ever breaks or unhooks from the load, it will not whip back strongly to the winch operator, as a wire rope would. Also, a wire rope has to be wound evenly on a drum to avoid being caught between strands and requires constant tension on the line to avoid making a ‘rat’s nest’. Wire rope will also pigtail and kink, and feel like barbed wire after misuse. Double-braided polyester rope will stretch only 12% at rupture (compared to 22% for steel), so whiplash is minimal.

Portable Winch

Reliable – It will start!

The HondaTM engines have proven to be the most reliable engines on the market. Even if you have not used your winch for a long period of time, you can count on the HondaTM technology to give you power when you need it. Whether it's in intense cold or heat, the engine will start!

Portable Winch

No worries about overheating!

Our Portable Winches can be used continuously, without overheating. The HondaTM 4-stroke gas (petrol) engines will deliver dependable power, no matter what temperature it is, for as long as you need to use it. 


These are just a few reasons why you can rely on any of our Portable Capstan Winches.

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